Computer networks are an integral part of today's organizations, and the communication infrastructure of these networks in any organization requires spending a lot of money and time. Pasargad Tech Technology Company is ready to provide its services in the field of consulting, sales with valid warranty, implementation and after-sales services for network infrastructures of organizations and organizations by bringing together the best hardware specialists.

Below is a brief description of HP Proliant servers:

ML Group      
These types of servers are designed to support the amount of disk memory and high I/O. They are usually used in sites that do not need a rack. 100 and 300 series servers are in this group.

DL Group        
This group of servers are small size servers that have high flexibility and manageability. The design of this category of servers is rack mount and they are suitable for environments with a large number of servers. In this group of servers, we can refer to the 100, 300, 500, 700 and 900 series models.

BL Group      
The group of Blade servers, which have a blade mode, are designed in a completely compact and modular way. The way these servers are placed in the rack is as a set and 8 or 16 of them are placed in special enclosures called C7000 and C3000 and are installed inside the rack. High flexibility and different structure has reduced the management and maintenance costs of data centers.

Storage Devices (HP SAN)
While using the latest storage and information exchange technologies, these devices have created the best balance between cost and performance and are ideal for use in organizations with limited budgets and also for use in medium networks.

The services provided by Pasargad Madbaran Technology Engineering Company are as follows:
  • Providing comprehensive solutions regarding storage equipment
  • Consulting and sales of all kinds of HP servers, including ML, DL, BL series
  • Consulting in providing clustering solutions to increase stability and speed
  • Providing comprehensive software and hardware solutions for data backup
  • Providing Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems to accelerate users using shared information for information storage sites
  • Design and implementation of SAN (Storage Area Network) for large and sensitive networks